Announcing Codetree: GitHub Issues, Managed

After six months of intense product development, Codetree is officially open to the public. If you use GitHub issues, I think you're going to love what we've built. But don't take my word for it — sign up for a free trial and take it for a spin. If you're interested in more details, keep reading.

Six months ago, I set out to transform the way product teams interact with their GitHub issues. Before I get to the punch line, let me set some context for you.

In addition to founding Codetree, I'm the tech lead for a burgeoning marketing automation app. Like many product teams these days, we settled on using the GitHub Flow™ and almost immediately began reaping the benefits. We were iterating faster, shipping higher quality code, and at the end of the day, making our customers happier.

As my team continued to grow, I found myself spending more time on administrivia and less time in the code. My daily routine involved hopping between our project management tool and GitHub, solely to keep things happening in our GitHub issues and pull requests in sync with our PM tool. That's when I realized that my tools were getting in the way more than they were helping me.

The endless back and forth between the project management app and GitHub was killing my productivity. And if your workflow is anything like mine, chances are it's killing your productivity too.

GitHub Issues is an amazing product. Dare I say my favorite quality about GitHub Issues is what it doesn't do. You get a title, description, labels, milestone, and assignee. That's it. No giant list of fields to populate or boxes to tick.

But, as we moved further towards migrating all project management to GitHub, we discovered there was some key functionality missing that was preventing us from making the leap.

That's when Codetree was born

Codetree is a lightweight project management app that sits directly on top of GitHub. Every issue in Codetree corresponds to a GitHub issue and projects are kept continually in sync. We provide just the features needed for project management, without reinventing what GitHub already executes beautifully.

My team and I had our own wish list, which included prioritization, a compact list view, and time/point estimates. Before long, I began receiving feature requests from potential customers, such as multi-repository projects, dependency tracking, and kanban task boards, to name a few. I'm proud to say that most of these features above are available today.

Codetree Tour

This is just the beginning

If you use GitHub issues, I think you are going to love Codetree. We have much more in store for the product and look forward to helping product teams be more awesome at managing their development queues. Sign up for a free trial and let me know what you think!