Codetree is a launch partner in GitHub Marketplace

21 million developers across the globe use GitHub as the central hub of their daily workflow. For these developers to be productive, their tools should integrate tightly with GitHub. We believe in this vision; it's one reason we bought Codetree a year ago.

Today, we're thrilled to be one of a small number of launch partners in GitHub Marketplace. It offers a place for developers to find "best of breed" tools for tasks like Project Management (where you'll find Codetree), Continuous Integration, Code Quality, and more.

GitHub Marketplace offers:

  • A directory of vetted tools that integrate with GitHub
  • Unified billing through GitHub
  • A fast way to find and try new tools to improve and extend your workflow

Joe Wadcan, GitHub's Head of Business Development, says:

"With GitHub Marketplace, developers can discover and purchase the tools they need, all in one place. Codetree's advanced project management features empowers developers and we're thrilled to bring them closer to our community through GitHub Marketplace."

Codetree even gets some screen presence in the GitHub Marketplace launch video (see below).

We're thrilled to participate. If you want to see if Codetree gives you a better view of your in-flight software projects, you can sign up for Codetree in GitHub Marketplace here.