Codetree has new owners

Exciting news! We've acquired Codetree from Derrick, its founder. We're Arif, Ryan, and Kareem - three devs who have 40+ years of combined experience building software. We've also previously founded four successful SaaS companies. We're going to build on the great work that Derrick started with Codetree. Our goal is to make Codetree an even better tool to help you ship quality software.

Here's a note from Derrick:

Codetree began as a personal side project of mine, with the goal of making the issue management process a bit easier for my team at Drip (and hopefully others, too!) It wasn't long before Codetree became a vital part of my workflow, along with countless loyal Codetree customers. Over the past two years, it has become clear to me that Codetree has a great deal of untapped potential and deserves more attention than I am able to dedicate to it. I am thrilled to be handing Codetree off to a team of experienced, passionate software entrepreneurs who are poised to take Codetree to new heights. It has been an absolute pleasure engaging with customers who share the same passion for refining their developer toolset, and I cannot wait to see where Kareem, Ryan, and Arif take Codetree next.

What’s the Plan for Codetree?

Our first order of business is to do no harm. We're talking to as many current and former customers as possible to understand what they like and don't like about Codetree.

The longer-term roadmap is still emerging, but based on what we've heard so far, here's what we're going to build in the short-term:

  • Drag and drop files uploading for issues
  • Make issues draggable between milestones
  • Improved synchronization performance and robustness
  • UI improvements to make Codetree more enjoyable to use

Learn more about the acquisition

In the upcoming weeks, we'll be writing in more depth about the experience of acquiring Codetree. We'll share why we decided to buy Codetree, specific numbers, our negotiation strategy, our financial models, and a whole lot more.

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Not a Codetree Customer?

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Arif, Ryan, and Kareem