Boost your productivity with keyboard shortcuts

You don't have to be a hardcore vim hacker to appreciate the value of a good keyboard shortcut. Now, you can navigate your way around Codetree without lifting your fingers from the keyboard — and if you are still anchored to your mouse, here's an opportunity to up your game.

List/board view shortcuts

Shortcut Key Action
n Compose a new issue
q Search
\ Clear all filters
f + l Switch to list view
f + b Switch to task board view
s + o Show open issues only
s + c Show closed issues only
s + a Show open and closed issues
t + i Show issues only
t + p Show pull requests only
t + a Show issues and pull requests
e Expand all issue/pull request references

Issue Modal Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Action
a Show the assignee filter menu
m Show the milestone filter menu
j Show the next issue in the group/column
k Show the previous issue in the group/column